Wednesday, 23 February 2011

CBM Research Methods Spring 2011 Final Assignment

Write a three page research plan about the topic you have chosen. Preferably use the topic you are working on as your final thesis or in the final thesis seminar context. This time write about an approach or method you can see yourself using, that you would be likely to use, that you would like to use.

I want to see by 31.3.

1. A title.
(You can use the three steps of the "name your topic exercise" to nail a working title. It does not have to be the final one, just a title you feel comfortable with and that expresses what your research would be about.)

2. Keywords, 3 - 5
(The title will give you one or more. You can also think of words which you'd like to fidn your published book in a google search...)

3. Abstract 250 words.
(Write this last... and try to put all the most important info about your work here - the things you'd want people to know about it.)

4. The plan.
What is your research question? Why is it an important question?
What kind of background material are you going to use? Does your work already have some definite theoretical framework? What kind of benchmarking will be needed? (Use the assignment you are doing for final thesis seminar)
What kind of approach will you use? What kind of data will you have? How are you going to get it?
If it involves a work/ production, what will that be like? And, what will be the relation of the written part to the production part?

I do not think it is necessary to write about what kind of results you expect, but you can if you feel that will forward your work.

5. Draft a timetable

6. List the main literature sources.
(Again, here use the final thesis assignment.)

We have agreed with Marjo that we will go through the plans in the last final thesis session 6.4. But remember the deadline is a week before 31.3.

Ask and ye shall be answered!

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