Wednesday, 16 February 2011

15.2. Visual methodologies

Reijo talked about some approaches to studying visual objects/ data. Here is a link to his full ppt presentation:

Assignment for next time 22.2.:

I suggest you try to think of an aspect of your topic from the "visual" point: to analyze e.g. scripts for documentaries, red-cross advertisement, photographic data as visual object/ data. And choose one of the approaches - and write half page of how to conduct a research on it. I'm listing here three possibilities, others could be found too.

1. Look for a mythology in the sense of Roland Barthes - what kind of "dominant ideologue of our time" would you see reflected?

2. Look at slide 13. and the list of angles for studying images from a cultural perspective.

3. Look at "the social semiotics" of your topic, identify the ideational, intrapersonal and textual spheres.

Next time we will discuss the assignment, look at what you have been getting from the course, and talk about making research plans. Final assignment will be to write a full research plan out of your topic.

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